Culichi Negra

Our Culichi Negra® sauce is born to satisfy more demanding palates and with a peculiar taste for spicy, resulting in a unique sauce, perfect to combine the food achieving an exquisite mixture.

In order to achieve the perfect recipe, we use chiltepin chili as a base but with a “tatemado” or roast process to later add Premium ingredients to the mix that give rise to a very spicy and delicious sauce.

The Culichi Negra® sauce is ideal to combine fish and seafood but also to give better flavor to meats or any saucer of your choice.


Chiltepin Hot Sauce

Our sauce is made with 29 ingredients selected with the highest standards of health and quality 100% Sinaloense, taking our tasters to enjoy one of the most traditional culinary scene of the state, that is to give that ardent and additional flavor to our seafood and leave a mark in your palate.

The central ingredient in our sauce is the chiltepín is knows as the ‘’red gold’’, some names that give it in other towns, regions and places where it grows can find it as: Chile piquín, Chiltepec, Chiltepillo, Chilpaya, Chile de monte, Pico de pájaro, pico de paloma, pájaro pequeño, chile mosquito or diente de tlacuache, among many more.

Highly appreciated for its scarcity due to its difficult obtaining makes this type of chile is very coveted by the contribution that give its properties to the traditional gastronomy of the state. Carefully prepare step by step our sauce, to give the flavor with the final touch and you accompany your food giving the same flavor as always.


Habanero Hot Sauce

Our sauce ‘’Culichi Habanero’’ was born at the request of our customers with a more demanding and resistant chilli palate, customers who wanted to experience an explosively spicy taste that was already being given in our hot sauce ‘’Culichi Chiltepín’’.

So we decide to create this explosive sauce but full of flavor that can only give the habanero chili. Habanero chili is one of the cultivars with the highest intensity of spicy taste of the genus Capsicum. The most common colors are orange and red, but they also exist in white, brown, yellow and pink.

A mature habanero is typically 2-6 cm (1-2½ inches) long. It is considered one of the spiciest spices in the world. The 29 main ingredients with which we prepare our sauce are cultivated and selected with the highest standars of sanitation and quality that gives them the certification of the cultivated ones in the peninsula of Yucatán. Achieving our commitment to satisfy the variety of taste of our customers

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Seasoning Sauce

Culichi® Seasoning Sauce  is primarily of vegetable origin, Gluten Free and made from a variety of garden crops which grow on the Culiacan Sinaloa farms stretching for miles along our Valleys. It is not a spicy sauce or the pour-over type, nor is it intended to change the taste of a food. Its purpose is to emphasize, to intensify, the natural goodness of a dish. No matter how clever you are about cooking, one cannot depend always upon uniform results. Drought, excessive heat, or rain may rob foods of their customary taste, and certain foods are basically low in natural flavors. Here’s an aid to strengthen the taste and bring out the subtle hidden notes, yet never override these with a defined character of its own. Used with leftovers, it seems to restore the original freshly cooked flavor. One may use it to enrich the most diverse dishes, soups , sauce, stews, salads, vegetables, meat marinate and mixed drinks.

Culichi® Seasoning Sauce is very high in sodium. But, you are meant to use only a small amount at a time. Once you season your dish with our Culichi® Seasoning Sauce you should check if your dish still needs salt to be added, unless you use it to marinate meat.


Traditional Hot Sauce

The new member of the Culichi family. Try it now!

With an explosive and delicious chili flavor that will undoubtedly become the favorite sauce of the American consumer and other Latin American regions. The flavor of Culichi Sauces offers all those good moments that are shared with loved ones.

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Sriracha Culichi Chiltepin Hot Sauce

Siriracha Culichi Chiltepin Hot Sauce was born to satisfy palates! Looking to taste something out of the ordinary? In this delicious combination of the traditional Siriracha spicy sauce originally from Thailand, with the chiltepin pepper grown in the Sinaloa region.

Made with fresh red jalapeno, fresh garlic, salt, sugar and chiltepin pepper of the highest quality and under strict quality and hygiene standards.

This sauce has been internationalized since it is rich and ideal to accompany oriental dishes, but it is also perfect for seasoning seafood, sushi, pasta, pizza, hamburgers, hot-dogs, fries, sandwiches, soups, tacos, and many other preparations.

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