2013    |     2022

Salsas Culichi In 2013-2016. Our Old 10oz Glass Bottle, We No Longer Manufacture In The USA.
2017 Are New 6.4oz Bottle Manufacturer In Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico.

Salsas Culichi was born in March of 2013 in the city of Los Angeles, California. This dream began with the purpose that, when preparing the seafood with this sauce its flavor will transport us to all those good moments in which we live with our loved ones.

The chillies Chiltepín and Habanero are more than a chilli; Are the central flavor of Salsas Culichi. That´s why we have endeavored to carefully take care of each of the steps to make each drop, have that distinctive and unique flavor.

We decided to call it “Salsas Culichi” because we are proud to be from Culiacán, our work and mainly, because all the ingredients and hands that help to create this delicious sauce, reside in this place.

The formality and promotion of our sauces began in social networks and very soon it was positioned in the taste of our resident clients in the United States that looked for to have a little of the flavor of Culiacán in its table, likewise, arriving at the taste of great artists of the musical genre “Grupero” such as: Larry Hernandez, Julion Alvarez, Gerardo Ortiz, El Recodo Band, MS Band and many more.

hecho en sinaloa

Salsas Culichi are exported from Culiacan to US, it has the hallmark of quality ‘’Made in Sinaloa’’ given the state government to sinaloenses companies with productive projects, to build platforms for businesses, innovation and marketing that gives the opportunity to show the true face of the work of the producers from Sinaloa to the world.

Today we have five thousand points of sales distributed in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, New México. And, in México, we have in Sinaloa, Sonora, Mexico state, Durango, Chiapas and Baja California.

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