12 bottles of 6.4oz + 3 Seasoning Sauce 6.4oz

The unique flavors of Sinaloa cuisine in its own kitchen with our best assortment of culichi sauces.
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  • Hot sauce #1 For Seafood…

    This wildly spicy sauce is made with a chili that grows in this area of Sinaloa in Mexico. Chili is called Chiltepín, which means flea in Nahuatl word, because of its size of only 1/4 of an inch in diameter. It is special because of its distinctive flavor and the spicy tends to shoot up quickly. It is a very coveted and expensive chili in the markets. Once the chile is red, it is when it is ready and it is put to dry in the sun to conserve all its properties without losing its unique flavor.

    It can also be used in stews and give a good taste to your palate with a good combination
    Put salsa to your snacks while watching your favorite movie or tv shows. It´s perfect to add a touch of itch to your fresh fruits.
    It complements your drinks and cocktails with a touch of itch, sometimes the ideal solution to relieve the head after a night of celebration.


    Carefully, we prepare step by step our sauce, to give the flavor with the final touch and you accompany your food giving the same flavor as always.

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